A flourishing family business for 5 generations

The workshop of Monuments B. Brunet is an institution of the City of Ormstown, welcoming its customers since the end of the 1800s. The nature of the work is sometimes difficult, but the Brunet family also recognizes the humanity involved and the honor of being able to pay tribute to the memory of extraordinary people.

It is a privilege for us to accompany the families in these delicate moments.

Towards the end of the 19th century, Joseph Brunet completed his training as a stone mason in Vermont before establishing his funeral monument business in Ormstown. His only tools were a hammer and a chisel, with which he worked on sandstone, granite and marble. Due to the success of his business, Joseph moved his workshop to a larger location, and it is here, still in Ormstown, that Monuments B. Brunet is still located today.

In 1890, Gonzague Brunet, Joseph’s younger brother, took over the business. Granite was then becoming the material of choice for the construction of funeral monuments. Transported to Ormstown by train, the granite was then moved to the workshop in a horse-drawn buggy.

Armand, son of Gonzague, took over the business in the late 1920s. The prosperity of Monuments B. Brunet’s can be explained, even at that time, by the team’s ability to adapt to new technologies. For example, in the 60’s, when sandblasting was invented, the Brunet family took this route to do the lettering by hand.

It is in 1960 that Bernard Brunet joined the family business, before taking over the company in 1968. It is his daughter Adèle who owns Monuments B. Brunet to this day. Although she didn’t think she would take over, it is by working with her father and uncle Gilles that she discovered the artistic, human and entrepreneurial side of the company.

Working methods have evolved greatly since the 19th century, but the reaction of people who see their loved ones immortalized in such a personal way continues through the years.

Une photo de l'atelier des Monuments B. Brunet avec une statue couchée et matériaux de sculpture

Our mission is to get to know our clients, their lives, what they are passionate about and how they, or their loved ones, want to be represented.

We aim to:
  • Educate our clientele on options that blend with their budget and cemetery restrictions.
  • Use durable materials that will last over time.

Meet our family

Photo de la propriétaire Adèle Brunet
Adèle Brunet


Photo de Robert McGimpsey, opérateur jet de sable
Robert McGimpsey

Sandblast Operator

Photo de Jim Lindsay, installateur et livreur
Jim Lindsay

Installer / Delivery person

Photo d'Anne-Josée Richard, propriétaire de Gravure Anne-Josée Richard
Anne-Josée Richard

Owner - Engraving

Une photo de Sandra Fernandez, secrétaire pour la gravure
Sandra Fernandez

Secretary for engraving

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