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The process of selecting a memorial can seem like a daunting challenge, one that comes at a difficult time. However, we are here to listen to you, advise you and accompany you in order to create a monument that reflects your loved ones.

You wish to plan the creation of your monument? This is the option that will allow you to ensure that your preferences are immortalized, in addition to helping you avoid putting the burden of these decisions on your loved ones. Do not hesitate to contact us to choose your funeral monument.

The selection process

We work closely with Anne-Josée Richard, who has over 10 years of experience in engraving and lettering. We work with you to choose the graphic elements that will best represent your loved ones.

Notre spécialiste de la gravure en train de graver un arbre sur un monument funéraire

The design chosen allows us to represent the passions, accomplishments and beliefs of your loved ones as faithfully as possible. Our artists listen to your ideas to create a unique monument.

Représentation artistique sur papier du design demandé par le client

You can choose from an almost infinite selection of stones of different shapes and colors. We can combine the design of the monument with the stone to create a cohesive and original look.

Our custom monuments include: funeral monuments, markers, benches, aluminium and bronze plaques, and flower vases.

Exemple d'un monument avec deux types de fini avec contour dentelé

Granite is the material of choice today for the creation of memorials because of its great durability and its ability to be polished and engraved. However, there are several grades and qualities of granite and we can help you make the best choice for you.

Une livraison de blocs de granit à notre atelier

Raw, polished or matte, we offer several options for the finish of your monument. Different shapes of monuments also require different types of finishes. We can guide you in this choice.

Taillage à la main d'un bloc de granit
We are an official trustee for Rock of Ages granite.

This highest quality granite stone is available in a wide range of colors and textures, from gray and black granite to white marble.

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